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Here at Gigapixel Image Co we specialise in creating premium, ultra high definition, large format images for a variety of creative and aesthetic purposes.

Working with the latest technology and specialised market knowledge, our team aims to supply and support individuals and collectives all around the world. We can deliver for both large and small scale projects, ideal for a distinctive kitchen backsplash or an impressive building-side mural.

Our outreach includes private users, commercial building suppliers, digital artists, both set and VR designers, architects, exhibition stand suppliers, photographers and many more industries.

Using our proprietary image capture process, we make the most of our experience and the latest technology to achieve the best resolution and image size adaptability for your project.

Let us know if you have any questions and how we can help.

Household High Resolution Textures

A series of select textures
relevant for your individual architectural and decorative ideas. An accessible way to bring natural and visually distinctive accents into your space.

Hospitality High Resolution Design Textures

A memorable selection of textures perfect for the development of unique communal and professional spaces. An optimal way to elevate your design, office, business or stand-alone

Creative High Resolution Textures

A limitless pool of inventive textures suitable for your imaginative and expressive concept. A malleable tool for both digital and physical artwork.

Ultra high resolution

Size Matters

Our textures are captured at extremely high resolution, allowing you to achieve a high level finish on a large scale

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